Everything You Need to Know About Video Banking Solutions

You have probably already used video banking solutions and digital customer engagement without realizing it. Here's what you need to know.

What are video banking solutions?

Video banking solutions are technologies that allow financial institutions to provide remote banking services to their customers through video conferencing. This allows customers to conduct transactions and receive banking services from the comfort of their own homes or office, without having to physically visit a bank branch.

What do video banking solutions include?

There are many different types of video banking solutions available on the market, but most include some combination of the following features:

  • Video conferencing software. This is the core of any video banking solution and allows customers and bankers to connect with each other via video call.
  • Screen sharing. This allows the banker to share their screen with the customer, so they can view account balances, transaction history, and other information in real-time.
  • Remote deposit. This allows customers to deposit checks into their accounts without having to physically visit a bank branch.
  • eSignature. This allows customers to digitally sign documents so that they can complete transactions without having to fax or mail in paperwork.

What are the benefits of video banking solutions?

There are many benefits of video banking solutions for both financial institutions and their customers. Some of the key benefits include:

  • Convenience. Video banking solutions allow customers to conduct transactions and receive banking services from the comfort of their own homes or office. This can be a major time-saver, especially for busy customers who may not have time to visit a bank branch during traditional business hours.
  • Accessibility. Video banking solutions can help financial institutions reach new markets and serve customers who live in locations where it may be difficult to physically visit a bank branch.
  • Reduced costs. Video banking solutions can help reduce the cost of providing banking services since there is no need to maintain a physical bank branch.

What is digital customer engagement?

Digital customer engagement is the process of using digital channels to interact with customers. This can include using a website, mobile app, or social media to provide information, answer customer questions, or promote products and services.

What are some examples of digital customer engagement?

Some examples of digital customer engagement include:

  • Posting helpful articles or FAQs on a company website.
  • Answering customer questions on social media.
  • Sending personalized emails or text messages to customers.
  • Creating a mobile app for customers to use.

Why is digital customer engagement important?

In an age where customers are frequently choosing to use video banking solutions, banks need alternative touchpoints to maintain a connection with customers. Additionally, customers now expect a more personalized and engaging experience when dealing with companies.

´╗┐Digital customer engagement can help banks meet these expectations and create a more positive customer experience.