Things To Know Concerning Selling Scrap Gold Jewelry

Gold jewelry that you no longer plan on wearing can take up a lot of space in your jewelry box, and it may represent a sizable investment. Fortunately, there are services that will allow you to sell your gold so that you can get rid of these items without having to lose all of the money you spent on them.

Can You Sell Gold Jewelry That Is Not In The Best Condition?

Some people fall into the belief that they will only be able to sell gold jewelry that is in excellent or good condition. However, scrap gold buyers will not be looking to resale the jewelry, and this allows them to accept items that would be refused by pawn shops or other buyers of gold jewelry.

What Happens To The Precious Stones In The Jewelry?

It is very common for gold jewelry to include precious stones. These stones can give the jewelry an elevated and elegant appearance. When you go to sell these pieces of jewelry for scrap, it is important to review the precious stone policy of any potential services. Some of these services will simply mail the stones back to the customer after they have been extracted, others will simply keep these stones and some will offer additional compensation for them. Reviewing these policies will allow you to choose the best service if your jewelry contains precious stones.

Should You Clean The Gold Before Selling It?

Prior to selling your scrap gold, you may assume that you should take the time to clean it so that you get the best price on it. Fortunately, this additional work is not necessary as the scrap buyer will be more concerned with the purity of the gold. Additionally, you may inadvertently compromise the quality of metal if you use incorrect cleaning solutions, and this could have a detrimental effect on the price that you receive for the gold.

If you are looking to make room in your jewelry box, selling some of the older pieces of jewelry can be an excellent approach to meeting this goal. In order to be better prepared to sell your old and damaged jewelry for scrap, you will want to develop a basic understanding of this process. Knowing that jewelry that is sold to scrap gold buyers does not have to be in good condition, the importance of learning how any valuable stones will be handled and potential hazards of attempting to clean the gold before selling it should enable you to be an informed consumer through this process.